A few days ago, I suffered another night of binge eating as some of you may of saw on my twitter page. I was doing so well with my diet this week also, I was up about a 1300 calorie deficit on my 35,000 calorie challenge. Now I’m hardly above zero again.

I don’t want to live like this, I want to over come this problem. So here’s the first step. I don’t have any doubt in my mind that I do have an eating problem anymore. Before I always talked it down saying it’s not really a true problem, but it’s time to face the facts. People always say that the first step in overcoming a problem is realizing it’s there.

Second step, understand the disorder and what causes it. I read a lot of things on the internet blaming it on depression and loneliness, and most of my research suggests that binge eating is tied to emotions. I don’t think I agree. I definitely don’t feel depressed or alone. If anything the strongest emotion I have going into a binge is boredom.

I need to examine myself better during a binge. From the other night’s episode, I think I let myself become to hungry then at dinner I accidentally ate above my diet restrictions due to the hunger, and then after dinner I continued to binge out of feeling like a failure. Out of feeling like a failure! Well there’s my emotion. I’ve been blaming it on boredom, but i think I’m finding the deeper emotion driving my binge eating.

So I found the problems. How do I fix them?

Here are some things I want to try.

  • Be more forgiving! This is my golden ticket out of binge eating. Almost all of my research suggests this as a good tip for overcoming binge eating, and for me I think it is especially important seeing as I tend to binge because I feel like a failure. If I forgive myself after eating 500 hundred calories over my diet, I wont feel bad and continue to go 2000 more calories over.
  • Don’t let yourself get too hungry. I’ve been working on putting this tip into effect all week. I actually do pretty good with this, but the other night when I binged I wasn’t able to prevent the hunger because I was out and about most of the day. Moral to the story, take some snacks with you when you’re out and about?
  • Fight boredom. Since boredom does seem to be a contributing factor in my binges, I need to avoid boredom at all costs. This could mean playing more piano even when I don’t want too or going for an unscheduled walk. Often I fall into boredom because I simply don’t feel like doing anything. To solve this I will need to force myself to do activities even when I feel like doing nothing.

I will give these ideas my best efforts, and hopefully I wont binge this week.

Do suffer binge eating? If so what helps you?


We all have that certain dreaded lift when we go to the gym. For me it was the incline bench press. I would push it to the middle of my workout, and focus my better lifts like the straight bench press. But a while back, I was talking to some buff guys at the gym. They were talking about focusing on your weakest lifts, saying that each month you should focus on your weakest areas in order to bring about faster results.

The concept makes sense. You’re body generally wont like using its weakest muscles, there for you wont like doing the lifts that use those muscles. This also means your body has the most to gain from improving its weakest areas, so you’re more likely to see faster results in these areas.

I decided to give it a try. I spent the last month focusing on my upper pectorals, the muscle utilized during the incline bench press. My routine started with a couple sets of incline bench press, then a few sets of decline bench press, and then finished with some incline dumbbell bench press. This way instead of avoiding my upper pectorals I was utilizing them specifically multiple times.

By the end of the month I had already seen drastic improvement in my upper body physique. Sadly though the results slowed down after the first month, but incline press is one of my best lifts now. Guess it’s time to find my next weakest lift. Squats! 😦

So give it a try. Pick your most dreaded lift. Then build a routine focusing on that muscle group for a month, and see if you get faster results.

What’s your weakest lift?

3,500 calories is equal to one pound of fat, right? If you want to loose 10 pounds of fat, simply burn 35,000 calories. Sounds ambitious doesn’t it. But this mindset might be exactly what you need to stop binging and achieve your weight loss goals.

A lot of articles suggest focusing on weekly goals and loosing a pound a week, and I’ve been trying this for the past year without desirable results.  I would loose my one pound one week, then the next week gain it back. Since 3,500 is such a small number, cutting about 500 calories a day, once I went even a little over my daily calorie budget one day I would feel bad then binge enough to ruin the entire week.

So it’s time to try a different mental approach. Instead of only focusing on a 3,500 calorie deficit, why not focus on cutting 35,000 calories? With this you’re not likely to feel like such a failure after one bowl of ice cream or one candy bar because you see the bigger picture. You can see that the one candy bay is insignificant, there for you are less likely to binge after a minor slip up in your diet.

With this reasoning, I’ve embarked on my 35,000 calorie challenge. I created a simple google spreadsheet to track my progress.

Today marks the end of my first week doing a full body workout routine. The routine has 3 heavy full body lifting days with about 2 or 3 cardio sessions on the in between days. You can find my current routine on my about page.

I’ve been pretty sore almost everyday now, so I think the routine must be working pretty well. After week 1, I am already feeling more fit. My breathing feels deeper and fuller. I’m guessing all of those squats this week really helped.

If you haven’t already I would suggest you try a full body routine to get prepared for summer.

I just came across this interesting article. It shows you how to use twitter for recording your weight loss data.


I’m still very new too twitter, so I haven’t tried this out myself yet. I mean, I only I made my twitter account this morning. Hey why don’t you follow me

Last night didn’t go so well, if anything it can be said I had a disaster food party. I think the proper term is a food binge. This is definitely not the kind of thing I need happening with beach season rapidly arriving. No seriously it’s almost here, I bought my swimsuit yesterday, haha or as the store called them “board shorts”. So it’s back to the saying

“if you want to keep getting the same results, then keep doing the same thing. If you want to get different results, try something new.”

I mean, I liked the idea of simply eating healthier and letting the results follow, but I have been doing that for months and simply have not gotten the results I desire due to constant binges and slip ups. There for, for the next 30 days. I will be carrying a food diary to the kitchen and everything I eat will be logged. Hopefully if I write down everything before I eat it I will be less likely to slip up. For now I think it will be easiest to simply use a notebook and paper. None of those fancy online food journal websites like, My Calorie Counter. I mean they look like cool websites, but an online food journal doesn’t seem functional. How often do we eat when were not at a computer?

This morning I weighed in at 152 lb. 30 day hard core cut, here I come. Let’s see if I can’t get down to 145 lb.

Try something crazy

Okay, you’re life is boring. Don’t tell yourself otherwise. Unless you did something today that you didn’t see someone do yesterday then your life is boring, right? Face it, people are boring!

I mean we’ve all heard the saying “seize the day”, but honestly most of us never do. so here’s my goal and I suggest everyone get in on it as well. Try to find something unique or crazy to do every day. This will make our lives more exciting.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that we all go out and do something detrimental or stupid. But we could have a little more fun and stop worrying what others think. Here’s something for the guys out there, doing something different is more likely to attract a chick’s attention than doing nothing.

So here’s what me and my brother did today. We went for a little joy ride with the windows open on the car, the radio cranked up, and tried to draw attention to ourselves. Hey, it actually worked. We got quite a lot of stares. Sure a lot of those people were probably just staring thinking we’re delinquent kids, but I bet a few people out there were admiring our joy. Oh and did I mention it was fun!

Try something new today. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or complicated, it just needs to be fun for you. Then come back and comment on your experience.