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Try something crazy

Okay, you’re life is boring. Don’t tell yourself otherwise. Unless you did something today that you didn’t see someone do yesterday then your life is boring, right? Face it, people are boring!

I mean we’ve all heard the saying “seize the day”, but honestly most of us never do. so here’s my goal and I suggest everyone get in on it as well. Try to find something unique or crazy to do every day. This will make our lives more exciting.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that we all go out and do something detrimental or stupid. But we could have a little more fun and stop worrying what others think. Here’s something for the guys out there, doing something different is more likely to attract a chick’s attention than doing nothing.

So here’s what me and my brother did today. We went for a little joy ride with the windows open on the car, the radio cranked up, and tried to draw attention to ourselves. Hey, it actually worked. We got quite a lot of stares. Sure a lot of those people were probably just staring thinking we’re delinquent kids, but I bet a few people out there were admiring our joy. Oh and did I mention it was fun!

Try something new today. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or complicated, it just needs to be fun for you. Then come back and comment on your experience.


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Come on, live healthy

Friday night comes, you indulge in junk food and sit down to play video games. Saturday comes after a crazy sugar buzz from Friday night, and you forsaken yourself with the thought “oh, I can’t control my food..”. You then proceed to eat mindlessly, throwing away your hard work and falling off the health boat. We all hit weeks like this, we just need motivation to keep going.


Hey, I’m Steve. Welcome to my blog on my journey to living a healthy life (aka, my journey to getting six pack abs).  I’m 18, and I’ve been trying to live healthy for about a year now.  Actually, a few days ago marked the 1 year mark. During this year, I’ve learned a ton,  gained a lot of strength, and I am looking much better. Most of all I feel better. But in all honesty, I didn’t reach my goals which were to be able to bench my body weight and have defined abs. While I will admit my goals may seem ambitious, remember I’m only 18. I wasn’t far from a six pack to begin with, I started at maybe 16% body fat at about 155 pounds(these are rough estimates taken before I understood proper techniques for measuring). I was pretty weak though, I started bench pressing a measly 75 pounds. Now I’m probably at about 12% body fat, and likely bench pressing around 130.

Why the blog?

The last few months, I’ve been falling off the bandwagon. I actually reached my peak weight loss at the end of December weighing in at about 144 pounds. Currently I’m about 148 pounds. I’ve actually gained weight, not lost it! Some of that weight was muscle gains, but a lot of it is fat.

With “beach season” around the corner, and my goals  unfulfilled I decided to start this blog to stay motivated, and possibly motivate you also. I encourage anyone else trying to live healthy and get ripped to comment along the way.

Let us live healthy, and get ripped.

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