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It’s pretty common knowledge now that one of the factors leading to obesity is stress. Stress slows down our metabolism and it can ruin even the most dedicated dieter with over eating. I know, I know. We all have our reasons for stress. Be it work, financial hardship, or school. But all excuses aside, if we want to live a healthier life we need to eliminate those high stress levels.

I’ve been living a relatively stress free life these past few months, so I thought I would share some of the things I do that help me. We’ll start with two simple things for week one that will help lower stress levels.

First and foremost, set a bedtime! Yea yea, some of the older readers out there are probably thinking this is crazy. For me, I’ve always had a bed time so it’s nothing new. I try to get to sleep no later than 10:30. It is suggested by many sources that we should get around 8 hours of sleep each night, so set your bedtime accordingly dependent upon on when you are required to wake up. It’s also more important that you keep the same sleep schedule every single day. That means no cheating on weekends. Our bodies will adapt to a sleep cycle if we are consistent, and it is this adaptation that will allow for the most beneficial sleep. No more waking up and smashing the alarm clock, instead you’ll find yourself waking up fresher and ready to move on with your day. I’m told if you’re really consistent with your sleep, you can train your body to wake up without an alarm clock.

Second, start your day off on the right foot. Find something that will cheer you up at the start of your day. I find listening to an uplifting song on my way to school is a great way to do this. Others things you could try are things like going for a short 10 minute walk in the morning, or warming up on a musical instrument for a few minutes. The key here is find a quick activity you enjoy that will give you a positive boost on your day. You’ll be surprised how much a 10 minute activity can change your attitude towards the rest of the day.

Try to incorporate these things into your daily routine this week, and check back later or subscribe for next week’s tips on living a stress free life.


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