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We all have that certain dreaded lift when we go to the gym. For me it was the incline bench press. I would push it to the middle of my workout, and focus my better lifts like the straight bench press. But a while back, I was talking to some buff guys at the gym. They were talking about focusing on your weakest lifts, saying that each month you should focus on your weakest areas in order to bring about faster results.

The concept makes sense. You’re body generally wont like using its weakest muscles, there for you wont like doing the lifts that use those muscles. This also means your body has the most to gain from improving its weakest areas, so you’re more likely to see faster results in these areas.

I decided to give it a try. I spent the last month focusing on my upper pectorals, the muscle utilized during the incline bench press. My routine started with a couple sets of incline bench press, then a few sets of decline bench press, and then finished with some incline dumbbell bench press. This way instead of avoiding my upper pectorals I was utilizing them specifically multiple times.

By the end of the month I had already seen drastic improvement in my upper body physique. Sadly though the results slowed down after the first month, but incline press is one of my best lifts now. Guess it’s time to find my next weakest lift. Squats! 😦

So give it a try. Pick your most dreaded lift. Then build a routine focusing on that muscle group for a month, and see if you get faster results.

What’s your weakest lift?


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Today marks the end of my first week doing a full body workout routine. The routine has 3 heavy full body lifting days with about 2 or 3 cardio sessions on the in between days. You can find my current routine on my about page.

I’ve been pretty sore almost everyday now, so I think the routine must be working pretty well. After week 1, I am already feeling more fit. My breathing feels deeper and fuller. I’m guessing all of those squats this week really helped.

If you haven’t already I would suggest you try a full body routine to get prepared for summer.

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Awww! I can hardly move. Yesterday I completed my first full body workout, and today i’m as sore as *bleep*. But you know how the saying goes “if it hurts to tie your shoes, you must be doing something right”.

I wont lie, I had my doubts about whether I would be sore after a full body workout. Going into the workout I thought hitting muscle groups only once, as you should with a full body routine, would be a breeze. Pssh, I’m use to hitting these muscles groups multiple times in one workout. Just once should be easy. Man, was I wrong. Judging from the soreness the workout was very effective.

I was actually doing a good deal of sweating from weight training even. Now there’s a concept I’m not familiar with. My body was simply not prepared for a full body workout, and that means results! If you haven’t already, I would suggest everyone try switching to a full body routine this beach season. It can provide a nice boost in your physique this summer.

If you’re interested in my lifting stats, I made a quick spreadsheet on google docs here.

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It’s almost beach season! We better figure out how to slim down and get looking good before we miss this summer completely, right.

I was using stumble upon the other day when I came across an article promoting full body workouts over split routine workouts. The article was suggesting that a full body workout may be better than a split routine. Of course, I wouldn’t know. I’ve been doing a split routine since I started working out. So I decided I better do my research.

I was excited with what I found. A full body workout burns more calories and requires less trips to the gym! Now tell me doesn’t that seem perfect for “beach season” preparation? Seriously burning more calories means more fat loss, and less trips to the gym means more time in the sun or more time for cardio. And when I say less days in the gym, I mean it. I’m talking about three workouts a week. Of course, I’ll still be spending my off days doing cardio.

Want more information on full body workouts google it or check out this article on one of my favorite fitness resource sites. It will show you how to get started on your own full body work out routine in no time.

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